About Me

So, you want to know something about me apart from the little fact that I write for the FTHglaw.com.

I live in Perth, Western Australia and have been writing since my children were small. I’ve had articles, short stories and poetry published all over the internet, in newsletters, magazines and books. Then there’s the novels I’ve written, but have yet to have published… Those are another story.

I’ve been keeping a blog since before I ever heard the term, although I keep the focus of mine on personal things. It’s put me in good practice, though, for other writing tasks and ideas I’ve followed through over the last six or seven years.

I love to read, write in my journal, play with my kids, chat with hubby, tackle a crossword puzzle or make some jewellery when I’m not keeping up with the blogs I read online.

I hope that helps for all those who are curious.