Five Important Life Lessons Essay Checker Taught Us

 This exercise walks students through using Microsoft Word features to set up a basic document in MLA format. I used this or a similar assignment every semester I taught high school, and I use it now in my college classes. This assignment is especially helpful for adult students with little experience in using a word processing program, but it is beneficial for all students, as many do not know how to use the advanced features we require them to use (and the features we don’t even realize are advanced to them!). This exercise uses clear language, step-by-step instructions, and screenshots to walk students through the following:

1. Selecting a Font
2. Changing the Margins
3. Setting Document Spacing and Indentation – Line Spacing, Paragraph Spacing, and Tabs
4. Inserting a Header
5. Writing the Heading
6. Writing and Centering the Title
7. Saving the Document

If your school also uses Turnitin or another Essay Checker, I recommend having students type approximately 30-40 words of a song into the template and submit it to the plagiarism checker. We use Turnitin at the technical college where I teach, and I have my students do this so that they can see the Originality Report and understand how it works.

Whether you are an English teacher, history teacher, or science teacher, writing formal composition is very important to your students and Focus Corrector can help your students write compositions that will knock the sox off just about any scoring system. It’s a Windows PC program that will help your students hone their writing skills in preparation for those state writing standard tests. And it will knock your correcting workload down to practically ZERO — Not a bad grade here.

Focus Corrector presents the students spelling advanced grammar and even writing style with a series of questions to make them think about the compositions they are writing or correcting. Ten carefully designed questions allow this program to be used with just about any formal writing. Students get a grade, a report telling them where they need improvement, and they can even get comments from their fellow students on how to improve their work. The program includes a built-in spell checker and ‘machines’ to check slang, contractions, word count, passive voice, and transitional expressions.