How to Prepare for an Academic Interview

If you want to apply for an academic position at any important university you MUST have a Ph.D., depending of the background of the institution this may change but almost all the universities ask for high standard professionals. They are four listed because in order:

  1. Institutions that grant Ph.D. degrees
  2. State universities or university campuses
  3. Small universities
  4. Community colleges
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Things to consider an Academic Interview

Once the person is secure what is facing, then he must prepare himself for the academic interview, as written before depending of the institution the interview can be very demanding or just demanding, some experienced people in this field say that there are key topics to take into account in the interview:

  • Showing a Ph.D. degree is the most important part, because this degree is mandatory in an academic job.
  • Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of the academic interview is when the agents of the institution ask for books published or for nearly finish books.
  • Another important fact that agents are going to consider is if you have place a publication in an important journal or newspaper.
  • Teacher experienced is also important since the agent of the university will need some references that show that you do know how to do lecture and if you can be a value acquisition in the institution.
  • Having been recognized by different institutions is also a plus during an academic interview, because getting budget for investigations is very difficult and a person with a great background can make a difference.
  • Recognition by scholars in other places besides the place where the applier has been develop its knowledge is also well seem pretty good, because it shows that the person is well-known on the field.
  • Evidence may show that the applicant is considered in the field as an important person or contributor.
  • Having administrative abilities is also considered, the applicant has to show experienced in this field.
  • Showing that the applicant has plans in the institution he wants to work in is also very impressive for the agents of the university or institution where he is trying to apply.

Interviewing Convention

It is not weird that in most institutions the applicants before a campus interview passed an interviewing convention, this is perhaps the most stressful part of an academic interview because a person has to present himself and leave a great impression in a little time.

The applicant will be called before the convention but only three or four days in advance, most of the interview conventions are divided in four parts:

  •        The applicant will be asked about his research.
  •        The applicant will have to answer question about teaching, such as: how he would handle situations and what books are the ones he is going to use.
  •        The interviewer will talk about the institution that he represents.
  •        The interviewer will let you ask questions about the job and the institution.

These interview conventions work as a funnel for the applicants for the academic job, and if an applicant have passed the convention, it is important that he remember that is in the middle of the way, for the second part that is the campus interview, he have to do a research about the university, school or institution where he is trying to enter. It is important that the applicant read the catalog and most of the basic literature that the institution uses.

The campus interview is very comfortable and most of the applicants relax a little bit, it is not bad but it is better to be aware that it is an interview and not vacations.

What the agents expect in this interview? The agents expect that the applicant would be more specific about its researches and plans in the institution. Most of the major educational institutions take as very important the part of the presentation of the candidate or applier for the job, he has to remember the basics key-topics of the presentation: he must be prepared, analyzed the audience, determine how long the presentation is going to last and always he has to show respect and confidence about. It is also recommended to evaluate the possible question that the agents can ask to be prepared in advance for them.