The Importance Of Planning

I’m gonna walk you through the steps through the process of creating a plan for your IELTS task 2 essay now it’s very very important that you learn how to do this that you practice creating plans for essays so that when you get to the actual test center on test day you can do it right away write your essay and get a good score now one of the most common mistakes that people make on the essay section of the of the test is that they read the question they read the task and start writing an essay right away it’s almost guaranteed you will lose points doing it that way unless you have enough practice planning and you can think of it quickly and start writing but I’ll talk about how to practice at the end.

So let’s start why should you plan let’s start with that it’s very important because people often think it’s a waste of time okay the reason you want a plan is you want to make sure that you understand the task and this is where people a lot of people make their first mistake they read the question too quickly or they read the task too quickly they don’t fully understand what they need to do and as they start writing they’re already getting away from the task it’s like the purpose of the task and they’re losing points before they’re even halfway into their essay okay now I have a good video about that about common errors misinterpreting the task there’s a link up here you can follow make sure you understand what is being asked of you first then you want to make sure that you have a clear path from your thesis whether it’s an opinion where whether it’s a demonstration whatever from your thesis all the way to the conclusion you want to make sure there’s a logical process to get from one to the next and you want to make sure that you stick to that process that you stay on track throughout the essay.

A lot of people they start writing and they’re on the right track they’re thinking correctly about the task but then they started losing focus and they started losing control and they go off on a tangent they go off to a completely unrelated topic or they don’t actually answer the question they’ve been so make sure you know where you’re going throughout the essay now if you think that planning is a waste of time it’s actually the opposite if you learn how to plan and you can make create a good plan in three four five minutes you will actually save yourself time because as you’re writing the essay you won’t have to waste time thinking what should I say what what should I talk about next what examples should I use what words should I use you already have all that ready for you at the beginning all you have to do is look back every once in a while at your plan and make sure you’re on track and write your essay basically putting the plan into words into sentences into paragraphs.